Paro Taktsang

Taktsang Palphug Monastery or Paro Taktsang, best known as Tiger's Nest is a buddhist Monastery which lies at the edge of a mountain which is 3120m above the sea level, located in upper valley of Paro, Bhutan. It is a trekkers paradise. Tiger's nest is the main point of attraction for people from all over the world who visits Bhutan.

Paro Taktsang consist of four main temples and several dwellings. The main shrine of the Monastery- the prayer wheel is located at the courtyard of the Temple. All the Temples are inter-connected with steps carved out of rocks.

The temple is devoted to Guru Padmasambhava- where he was believed to be meditated for three years, three months, three weaks & three hours in the 8yh century. This temple was built in 1692.

The view & the exotic location from the top of the cliff is breath taking. The most special part of the destination is the trial to reach the Monastery. It's a three hour trek to reach the top amidst the pine trees & religious flags believed to be protecting from the evil & bring good luck to the spirituals.

It was all in all a great experience to trek & touch the unseen spirit of Bhuddhist whom they have been believing to be God since their Inception.

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